‘Hi I’m Chris, a husband and father from Guisborough, North Yorkshire. I took up an interest in mountain biking 7 years ago, after purchasing my first bike since my teenage years. I quickly ventured onto the natural trails of Guisborough and I was quickly hooked. I owe a lot to my local club MTB Guisborough, as they provided valuable coaching in my early riding years, who I still support through MTB Leading.

I started entering off-Road marathon length events in my local area, my first being to raise money for charity. This quickly progressed to 10-12hr endurance, riding events such as 10 under the Ben and the Kielder 12hr races. However, in mid 2017 myself and two friends decided to enter Strathpuffer 24hr Solo, and by the time the legendary snow bound 2018 race was over I was hooked on the 24hr format.

I can remember getting massive support from Team JMC every lap at Strathpuffer even though I was just some random guy, and they really seemed a fun team to be around. A few more 24hr events later and I was getting to know more of the team, and after a gruelling self supported Chiller 24, I couldn’t resist anymore. I’m really looking forward to being part of Team JMC.’