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Meet some of the members of Team JMC. If you’d like to join us, drop us a line at admin@teamjmc.uk with a brief biography and photo for this webpage and then wear something with our logo on it when you race. Find out more 

Andy Barber
Having been a keen mountain biker for a few years I recently took to road biking after injury forced me to retire from playing competitive Squash. Never really liked the idea of sitting on a road bike for miles on end but was surprised how hooked I have become. I’m also a keen fell and trail runner, not really a racer though I just love being in the great outdoors.
Andy Baron
I have not found a sport I don’t like yet but my main focus is marathon running. Having done three marathons so far I think I can do better than my previous best of approximately 3:26:43.

I also do a fair amount of road riding – I cycle to the office when I can and I’ll be taking on a few local ten mile time trials and the odd sportive. My first taste of mountain biking behind work was fun and this could be my next sport.

Follow me on Strava: http://www.strava.com/athletes/660376
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Paul Bowie
I have been a keen, non-competitive mountain biker and swimmer for many years now and never had any intentions of riding a road bike, running or doing any form of competing. Until May 2007 when Nick Isherwood asked for people to join him in a team triathlon and I bit the bullet and took on the swimming role within the team, that’s when the bug hit me.
Tim Bradley
I live in Bury with my wife and two daughters. I was a keen youth cross-country runner then long-distance road and fell racer into my 30s, then back surgery changed things. I can’t remember a time without a bike since being a little kid and more time cycling in recent years has brought great enjoyment. After some years bashing the roads, I turned back to mountain-biking in 2017. I was introduced to a multi-lap 12hr endurance race (at the age of 52, a proper baptism of fire!) Rather perversely I actually enjoyed it, this has rekindled my competitive instinct and I’ve enjoyed a few more as V50 in 2019.
Chris Brown
My early sporting endeavours began with cross country running and football, however, I was introduced to bikes around two years ago and instantly became hooked. I mainly ride off road and have taken part in both MTB and CX races in the last 12 months. I enjoy racing but above all getting out on a bike be it a road, CX or mountain bike is the main thing for me. I have a bucket list of events that I would like to take part in, and I’m always looking for a new challenge!
Andrew Burgess
I was a keen runner until discovering mountain bikes a few years ago and since then bikes have dominated my sporting activities.  I favour mountain bike and cyclo-cross endurance events lasting anything from a couple of hours up to 24. Also recently rekindled my interest in fell running.

My exploits can be followed on Twitter @budge_team_jmc
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Sally Burgess
I began running in my mid 40's after undertaking a challenge to run a 10k, since that first challenge I've competed in many running events and even managed a marathon!

I discovered mountain biking several years ago after undertaking an off road duathlon and developed a liking for it. Up until then I’d been a spectator at many biking events, but soon discovered the enjoyment of actually taking part.

Olly and Tom Caunt
We're enthusiast amateur riders that came across Team JMC at the Northern Grip festival. It's great to hear about a club that welcomes both serious athletes and budding enthusiasts alike. Tom and I get out on our bikes and on hikes as often as possible and love the challenges that Holcombe Hill and surrounds throw at us. We're delighted to be part of Team JMC and will wear the jerseys with pride! Looking forward to meeting fellow riders and the MTB community in and around Ramsbottom.
Alan Colville
I love to ride, run and climb. Uphill, down dale and all around the South West and the World. I’ve been mountain biking since 2006, when a friend invited me to ride the famous Gondola in Queenstown, New Zealand. I hit every tree on the way down and was hooked. It’s been my passion ever since. Over the years, I completed ultra-marathons, multi-day stage races and single day events. In 2011 after a run in with a truck, I lost my right glute max. You could say that I've been half-arsed, but fully committed ever since. As well as going long, I love to go high. Last year, I climbed to over 6,500 metres on the highest mountain outside the Himalayas, Aconcagua in Argentina. Most recently, I did three Everesting Challenges in three months, including a 13 hour effort to complete 9,201 metres with Matt Jones. I love the Team JMC ethos and people, which is why I joined. I’m looking forward to completing more adventures with the team. You can follow my exploits on Instagram or through my blog - Half-arsed Racer.
Barry Downing
I’ve been a keen cyclist since my teenage years when I was a roadie. Undertaking many time trials in the Birkenhead North End club. Once I moved to Horwich 20 yrs ago I got the mountain bike bug. I love being out on singletrack rides enjoying the countryside. Last year I entered 4 MTB cross country races and have just done Strathpuffer in a quad. Looking forward to doing more races this year and being part of the JMC club.
Michael Donald
My cycling life really started in the early 80s with a paper map and some youthful “daftness”. I’ve dabbled in CX racing, crits, club runs and gravel events including the Dirty Reiver, the Italy Divide and the Kielder Chiller, but I still enjoy a holiday or two bike packing although I’ve upgraded to tandem packing. Hopefully the body can hold out for the next few years of trails and adventures.
Lee Eaton
I’ve been part of Team JMC since 2010. Most of my early years were spent XC racing, swiftly followed by longer distance MTB races. Over the last couple of years I have competed in several European MTB marathons and thoroughly enjoyed them. I now work full-time as a cycle coach for Transition Cycle Coaching so if you see me at any races you may see me racing in a Transition shirt but I'm still proud to be part of such a great team as JMC. I coach a few athletes from Team JMC and will gladly give any advice on fitness or answer any training queries that anyone in the team may have. If you have any questions email me at Eaton.14@hotmail.co.uk
Neil Evans
I’m a long time Chorlton (Manchester) resident. I grew up and learnt to mountain bike in and around Abergavenny. I love MTB riding in all its guises, especially occasional stage and unsupported races. I also dabble a bit with CX and have a long term love/hate relationship with the 3 Peaks CX. I’m looking forward to making new friends, exploring new routes and finding opportunities for new challenges.
Wayne Farrell
After spending most of my youth playing on and racing BMX’s, and after a short period of well being a teenager I needed something to feed my soul. Mountain bikes, that's the answer!! I threw all my money into the best bike I could afford and spare time to exploring my local area, every chance I got I would pop on my bike to the local trails (Cuerden Valley) smashing out a massive 6 miles, that felt like a long way back then!!
Keith Fawcett
I joined Team JMC after the Kielder Chiller 24 which I was competing in for the 2nd time. I’m interested in all aspects of cycling but most recently doing more MTB XC and longer distance (Gravel CX Rides). I ride a lot of events in Northumberland but am looking to do more events further afield (wife and family permitting).
Dave Fortis
I have always enjoyed the outdoors starting with Munro and Wainwright bagging. Took to cycling after quitting the dreaded tobacco. Realising in my late forties that I couldn’t keep up with the “youngins” I started riding endurance events be it audaxes or mtb events. Hopefully I will keep going until my knees give up or the gaffa says enough.
Cath Fox
In the past I have done many many road running races from 5k to marathon distance, triathlons and, more recently, fell running and am a very active member of Darwen Dashers running club. I ride my road bike most weekends, have taken part in a few sportives over the past few years and ridden the Way of the Roses. Also I’m a mum of 3 and a border collie! I walk dogs for a living, bake cakes and do a lot of knitting in my spare time.
Lynne Funnell
I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis four years ago, but once the drugs started to work I was able to walk my mad springer spaniel a little. Then I signed up with an on-line coaching company, lacking confidence, self-esteem, courage just wanting to do a few walks a week. Less than a year later I had found the courage to enter an event, I thought I’d start with a 100km night cycle ride! Along the way I discovered this MTB malarkey and just love it. Since that first event I’ve done a few sportives, a pool based sprint triathlon, and this year a few MTB events too…and I’ve even harnessed the nerves and had a go at a couple of MTB races! I’m always the one at the back, slow, slow, slow but I love it and the tougher you make it the more I like it…if I can’t ride it, I’ll walk it and I use the hashtag ‘alwayswithasmile’.
David Gobby
I started mountain biking in 2014 just doing social rides with fellow enthusiasts in Jedburgh. I then started competing in races and really got the bug for long distance cross county races. I have competed in many great events and noticed a few Team JMC riders and thought it would be great to be part of a team that looks really professional and all the members that I have met so far have been really friendly and supportive.
John Green
I'm from Preston and love all sorts of cycling, the key ingredient is having fun. I enjoy big MTB rides in the Lakes to road rides around Majorca. I also do a bit of racing including short CX and crit races as well as endurance MTB events.
Steve Green
I have always been a runner…at the age of 11 I used to run cross country for South Manchester, my best was to come third out of 700 runners in a North West Championships. School and work then began to take over but I managed to continue running but not as much.

In my early thirties I got the bug again competing in races from Marathons (best time 3.29) all the way down to 5k and 10k (my best for a 10k at 37 mins, but not as quick now….).

Darren Hall
I cut my teeth as a BMX racer in my early teens travelling round the country competing in regional and national races. I discovered mountain biking when a shoulder injury rudely interrupted my mediocre racing career. It wasn’t long before I was entering events like the Dyfi Enduro and then graduated to marathon and endurance races. I’m not particularly competitive, and doubt I’ll ever get anywhere near a podium, but I do like riding fast, both uphill and down, and racing allows me to do that. I have a weird addiction to 24hr solo races even though I’m not very good at them. After Mountain Mayhem in 2016 I swore I’d never do another and yet a few months later I found myself at the Kielder Chiller 24 in 2017 so I guess I’m still hooked. One day I might actually figure them out and I can retire.
Si Hall
Having spent the majority of my 20’s not doing much exercise at all, MTB became a big factor and motivation for me to get moving again. I spent about 2 years getting to grips with the sport and gaining fitness at the same time. Then approximately 18 months ago (June 2016), a friend of mine was doing a running challenge of 100 individual runs to the top of Brownwardle Hill in Whitworth, and was asking people to join him, for support and fundraising. I bit the bullet… And couldn’t walk for the next 3 days! I decided to keep up with his Saturday morning outing, throwing in a few commute runs, and just gradually built up fitness, and a love again for running. From my love of MTB, I generally kept to fell running, and in April 2017 completed my first ever marathon. In 2018 I ran over 3650km, an average of 10k per day, to raise funds for charity.
Neil Heppenstall
I've been riding bikes for almost 10 years and only recently got back on the steeds after nearly an 18-month sabbatical after moving house. I ride for the social aspect with friends and colleagues (old and new) with the odd sportive or event thrown in to keep me focused. I can be found riding both on and off road in 'God's Own Country' with the odd day trip t'over Pennines or on the odd occasions at trail centres.
Chris Heys
Having been dragged up mountains from an early age I quickly developed a interest in outdoor pursuits and subsequently endurance events. After serving 9 years in the Royal Marines, a lot of which was teaching Nordic skiing, I settled in Lancashire and joined Chorley Harriers where I got hooked on triathlons. Since then I have completed numerous events ranging from double marathons to Ironman triathlons. I'm also developing a great love for cake.
Bill Hoath
I'm in my 50s and a keen sportive rider having taken part in the Etape du Tour, Etape du Dales and hopefully the Etape du Yorkshire and Quebrantahuesos and some others this year. In my spare time I'm an electronics/computer engineer based in Bradford.

I live in Ramsbottom opposite the Shoulder of Mutton (bright yellow Citroen outside) where the cobbles start.  So if any other Team JMC riders are passing feel free to knock on the door if you need a coffee, gel etc.

Follow me on Twitter @billhoath for more info.
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Tom Hodgkinson
I have always loved cycling, when I was young I was into riding BMX bikes, in my teens I was more into motorbikes so the push bikes took a back seat for a while. About 7 years ago I got back in the saddle when someone asked me to go to a trail centre, I was hooked again. I now cycle to and from work everyday in all weathers. I enjoy riding in charity events on my road bike and enter quite a few endurance races on my MTB. My main goal is now 24hr solo races.
Lee Hubert
Mountain biker, running shoe hoarder, footballer, fitness tracker fanatic and Runner! I love running it’s my favourite sport/hobby/therapy. I feel most at home on the trails but do the odd road race just to see if I can get some new PBs. I run anywhere from 5k to marathons, not so much football these days and only the odd MTB ride, hooked to the activity tracker on my Apple Watch……gotta close them rings.
Trevor Hulton
Some of you may already know me, I used to do a bit back in the day – probably chopped and changed and tinkered with bikes more than ride them though. You may know me as Manchester Trev on the forums or even have met me at races……well I’m back! After 7 years off the bike, you will see me back on a bike racing various events including Hit the North.
Neil Inman
I have always enjoyed the outdoors having Rivington on the door step and holidays to the Lakes and Wales when I was a kid. I also have always been interested in mechanical stuff. So my journey really began with mountain biking and walking. I am quite competitive so mountain biking quickly turned into XC racing then I progressed to endurance events.
Nick Isherwood
After leading a less than active lifestyle for many years apart from the odd gym visit, I became involved in the occasional running event and had a natural desire to improve my fitness. A mate asked if I’d be interested in trying a sprint Triathlon so with some running behind me decided to borrow a bike and some arm bands then give it a go. After teaching myself to swim ‘properly’ I crossed my first Triathlon finish line and was instantly hooked. That was 8 years ago and since then I have raced all over the UK, swimming across lakes, cycling over mountains and running through cities. In 2012 I progressed to the Triathlon holy grail and competed in Ironman UK for the charity Medequip4kids. Having survived through to the finish line, I’m now looking forward to my next challenge and also to seeing my son and daughter in Ironkids, getting an early start on his athletic career.
Lee Johnson
I started mountain biking again in 2011, riding with my local club, did an MTB Sportive which quickly escalated into entering more competitive events. Over the years I have dabbled in lots of variations including XC, multi-day stage racing and 12 and 24 solo racing. I much prefer the longer endurance stuff to short course racing and would sooner race for 24 hours than over an hour and a half.
Cathy Jones
I’m not a serious bike rider, in fact I’m a very fair weather rider and for the last couple of years can count on two hands the number of times I’ve gone out on my bike. This year I’m aiming to make riding a regular habit, mostly to try and stop my love of food from getting the better of me! I did my first MTB event this year at Builth Wells; not sure which was harder the climbs or being passed by lots of fantastic kids on those climbs. As its all quite new to me I do struggle but the sense of achievement is worth it, although I have been told it never gets easier you just get quicker.
Harvey Jones
Born and bred under the rolling hills of Horwich Lancashire near the enigmatic Rivington Pike my earliest years of racing were via the Red Rose XC league and local fell events and in the summer junior road races for Bolton Harriers. I then took a hiatus to relocate to London where later on I then picked up the triathlon bug racing for East London Triathletes until I discovered Epping Forest and mountain bikes.

My first mountain bike event was the twelve hour night race 'Dusk till Dawn' and I just fell in love with spirit of competition and camaraderie. Since then it's been mountain bikes all the way. Now settled in the natural beauty of The Chilterns I throw my hat in the ring of endurance racing and have been highly successful at the top level of mid pack mediocrity.
Matt Jones
I started riding bikes when I was about 15 and my school had a mountain bike club (pretty rare I reckon!) and we went all over the place including to Morzine on a downhilling holiday! I was hooked by both the riding and the camaraderie that goes with weekends away riding with mates. I’ve always just ridden mountain bikes and my only tarmac weapon ever has been a 35lb commuting cross bike. I’ve dabbled in a bit of downhill stuff so I like the technical descents first and foremost but discovered in the last few years I can apply my stubbornness quite successfully in 24 hour races which are now my focus. The ethos of Team JMC is very close to my feelings about our great sport. I grew up in the club’s heartland of Ramsbottom making it even more special to join this great group of people. I’m @mattjonesmtb on Twitter and my website is mattjonesmtb.com
San Kapil
I’m not a racer, I’m not fast, I’m never going to podium, I’ll never complete a 24hr race, I’m not a bike packing adventure racer and I don’t like yellow. But one thing I am is a cyclist who loves his fat bike.
Barry Kemp
Many of you will know me from my role as a purveyor of pain for the MTB community with my biking events including Deadwater 100, Kielder Chiller 24 etc. I also race a bit, for long periods, sometimes without gears and suspension.
Keith Kitchen
My name is Keith Kitchen and I started mountain biking 25 years or so ago and love everything 2 wheeled. Most of this time has been spent riding and falling off on the trails around my home in Barnsley, Yorkshire, further afield around ‘Gods Own County’ and the various trail centres that have sprung up over those years. Love riding natural trails and a good day out can see me ride from home out to the peak district around Hope and Castleton.
Alex Lawton
I got into triathlon in 2011 after finishing University and needed something to replace the daily (often twice a day) games of 5 a side football. Ignorance is bliss so after 6 months of training and a few ‘warm up’ races I found myself crossing the finish line at Ironman UK (10hr 18 minutes before you ask). The experience didn’t put me off but decided to focus on the sprint and Olympic distance race scene for a few more years and in 2013 became the 25-29 AG: British Triathlon Champion, ETU Silver Medalist, North West Duathlon & Sprint Triathlon Champion, and Manchester XC Champion.

Since 2014 I have been racing for the TORQ triathlon team.

Follow me on Twitter: @lawtonalex
Follow me on Twitter
Richard Lilly
I am mainly into riding bikes. I try other sports on occasion but tend to find they fall by the wayside in favour of getting out on my bike. I do a fair amount of road riding but my main passion is mountain biking. Racing is something I've only taken up in the last few years but I find a lot of fun. My favoured race formats are long endurance events from point to point MTB marathons to pedaling round and round in circles in a field for 24 hours. 24 solos appeal to me the most and I've had a modest amount of success in a couple of them. For the moment I'm keeping my target races to 12 hours or less in duration but I wouldn't be surprised if I get back to 24s when I get the opportunity. You just can't beat the crazy head games involved with riding your bike for 24 hours straight.
Shelton De Lima
I’ve been riding bikes for about 4 years. I started on mountain bikes and then took up road riding for fitness, but I really got to like road riding. I have been on and off cycling so far, but have taken part in a few races on my MTB and hill climbs on my road bike. My aim is to train harder and enter a few more events.
Jon Lyons
I moved to Ramsbottom when I was a teenager and was up the hill on my MTB most of the time, I loved it. I then passed my driving test, got a car, found beer and it was down hill from there. In my early forties, and still in Ramsbottom, I started trail running spurred on by my fell running partner and neighbour Dave. I started getting fitter and the fitness bug got me. I joined my wife at Rammy Bootcamp 3 times a week, my fitness levels rocketed and by the end of 2017 I wanted a challenge. I signed myself up to complete 4 Wolf Runs to get me Alpha Wolf status for 2018. Now I’m an Alpha Wolf and I want a new challenge for 2019. Remembering back to my teenage years on my mtb, I dragged my old rusty bike out of the garage and had a go. Wow, I’d forgotten how much I loved it, so off to Cookson Cycles I went and bought myself a better bike. That was in September 2018, the same weekend I met Team JMC at Head for the Hills (Rammy Music Festival) and not looked back.
Scott McDermott
I’ve been into cycling from a very early age. I used to race Moto X but as I got older and injuries started I decided to take up mountain and road biking. I enjoy mountain biking especially trail centres.
Andrew McHugh
I’ve been riding and occasionally falling off mountain bikes since the mid 90s. I’ve had a go at 24 hour races but found I was better suited to the organisational side of events and became one of the founders of the Hit the North race series which ran 8 times over 6 years. Together with Jason Miles and a few others we put on a great show and gave over £20k away to charity. A feat that I am immensely proud of.

Most of my riding now is on the social side, usually in the dark with a bunch of mates and pretty much always ending up in the pub. I’ve also started BMXing, which has given me an excuse for another bike.
Roger McHugh
As a teenager when I got my first bicycle, I quickly realised that physical effort and exertion wasn’t for me and that I should carry on using the bus and pass my driving test ASAP. Many years of physical inactivity followed, before one day, inspired by a forty-something neighbour doing wheelies down the street, I realised what I was missing out on and went and bought my first MTB. These days I truly have the cycling bug and will ride just about anything with 2 wheels – so long as it doesn’t have an engine.
Debbie Miles
After years and years of running several thousand kilometres a year I somewhat inevitably picked up an injury that’s stayed with me. I still run, but I ride my bike more these days. I used to pinch one of Jason’s bikes until he got sick of that and built me my own mountain bike. It’s a pink one. After supporting Jason’s endurance racing exploits and being very much a part of Team JMC right from the beginning, I finally entered my first bike race in 2016. Rather than ‘starting small’ and doing something local I thought it’d be a great idea to start with the Salzkammergut Trophy in the Austrian Alps. I didn’t finish last, I didn’t die and it was great. I’ve got two bikes now….
Jason Miles
Endurance cyclist, likes a bit of fell running on the side. Particularly good at 24 hour mountain bike races and riding a bike way past my bedtime. Standing on podiums makes all the pain and suffering worthwhile.

More info on racing, big adventures and results on my blog http://40psi.wordpress.com
Carl Nelson
I’ve been a keen cyclist since 1992 after my wife bought me a mountain bike for Christmas. Little did she know what that would cause. I've raced sort-of fairly regularly over the years and done a number of endurance-ish events such Rossendale MTB Challenge, MTL, Marathon MTB, Grizedale MTB, 3 Peaks Cyclocross and Cyclocross races, all happily mid-pack. Throw in a few alpine MTB adventures such as Chamonix to Zermatt and Tour of Mont Blanc and that about covers it.
Angela Osman
It was whilst supporting my other half, Dave Powell (TwinklyDave), at winter 24h MTB races (which nobody else wanted to do back then!) that I initially met some of the Team JMC crew. Obviously recognising the potential of my fastidious – no sleep – timing system(!), I was soon welcomed into the fold and, whiteboard in hand, became “unofficial” Pit Manager. After a particularly successful Strathpuffer back in 2011 I was inspired to challenge myself. As an ex-club swimmer, a return to my childhood sport seemed the obvious choice but thoughts of the pool did not enthuse me and so I turned to open water. Concentrating mainly on smaller, friendlier, sportive-type events I’ve had a surprising amount of success. The natural progression to triathlon thwarted by dodgy knees, I’ve recently discovered Aquacycles which also enable me to put into action the road riding ability I’ve developed whilst struggling to keep up with Dave for years!
Ben Othen
I've been riding mountain bikes for most of my life and working in the cycle trade for nearly as long most recently as the manager of Bikeshak and as a professional mechanic before that. I started racing XC at the age of 14 and have competed in most mountain bike disciplines over the years and a fair few others. I love short track racing formats whether it's XCO, cyclocross or any other lunacy that gets my heart into the red. I've recently started riding a lot of long distance endurance events and really enjoying it too! If it involves mud, knobbly tyres and heaps of fun we're bound to bump into each other eventually!
Luke Philpott
My name is Luke Philpott from Shropshire. I have an aerodynamic haircut thanks to a receding hair line, have been riding mountain bikes all my life and done a few Ride It events and now want to start racing long distance events. I'm looking forward to doing events, riding new places and meeting new faces.
Andrea Pogson
I started cycling after quitting smoking, aged 26, by attending Sunday runs with my local CTC group and developed a love for time-trialling through other CTC members who raced with Eastbourne Rovers. I spent many years chasing the British Best All Rounder competition, coming third on three occasions. Career highlights were winning the British Women’s 100 TT Champs in 1998 and coming second to Yvonne MacGreggor in the National 10 the following year. I took quite a long break from 2000 onwards as it became an onerous task trying to maintain that level of riding. Since then I have developed a real love for mountain biking. It is not only fun, exhilarating and challenging, it also takes you through some fantastic scenery away from traffic. My new challenge is fat biking which I really love. I have a lot to learn but I am progressing all the time.
Dave Powell
Bicycles were just way of getting about for me as a kid, a way of getting to whatever adventure was planned, rather than a part of it. Then, 18 years ago, I was invited out for a “ride” with some friends who were into the mountain bike scene. I took them up on the offer and never looked back. I was, by the end of that one day’s ride, a fully fledged mountain bike rider!

The racing scene back then was as much an excuse for a weekend away with my mates as it was a chance to see how good I was in comparison to the other riders. Events were judged a success by how much of a laugh we’d had. Over the years I got more serious about results, started training and planning things a bit more but each event I go to still, deep down, feels like those first races. Turn up, meet up with friends, have a laugh and maybe see if I can leave with a trophy or two after beating all the fast boys!

Follow me on twitter @twinklydave or read my blog at http://www.twinklydave.com/
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Karen Price
I got a mountain bike instead of an engagement ring – my husband got one too. That’s love for you. But we haven’t looked back. We have two kids and as a family we all ride and race for fun all year – XC, endurance, beach racing, gravel dashing, Brass Monkeys. We do this as a family and with mates – our new Southern friends and our old ones from the North. I race solo at 12/24hr events because I am too slow for anything else, but stubborn enough to keep going. The kids support me through the night – any excuse not to go to bed – toasting marshmallows on the fire and falling asleep in their camping chairs. I fell asleep on the actual course at my 1st 24hr solo attempt – Pivot 2017 - the really wet one. So some work to do there. But no matter the weather, the distance, or the occasion I ride my bike to have fun with my family and friends.
James Proffitt
Hi my name is Jim. I got involved in mountain biking when I took on the Strathpuffer 24hr MTB race and was hooked right away, so much so I have signed up again. I may not be the quickest but I really enjoy what I do.
Sean Rock
Like most people probably I did my fair share of cycling around the neighborhood, sports etc. when I was young. However I've only gotten into cycling regularly in the last year or two. It started just as a casual, social thing, out on the MTB with a few mates. But now I also enjoy commuting to work on a regular basis on my cyclocross. I've done a couple of MTB events and look forward to taking on more challenges.
Adam Rowlinson
I'm living proof that you don’t have to be particularly quick to be a member of Team JMC, I hold the unique distinction of having both won, and finished last, at Hit the North at the same event. A proud achievement! I started riding as a kid. I used to do a lot of road cycling, touring the Youth Hostels of the Lakes and North Wales. I also used to race BMX. Badly. Then like most people I discovered beer, pies, motorbikes, more beer, more pies… you get the picture. So…. noticing that I was looking far too ‘contented’, I bought myself a mountain bike. Then I discovered night riding. And that was what really rekindled my love affair with bikes. I’ve never looked back. Well… I never need too. There’s never anyone behind me. I just love being out and about on two wheels, in the hills and exploring new trails. I’ve even been messing about on BMX’s again. Strongly recommended.
Carl Salisbury
I have been riding bikes on and off for about 10 years now. I originally started on the road but pretty quickly moved over to mountain biking. A few years ago a started doing a few regional and national XC events but soon realised I got more enjoyment out of the longer endurance riding events. Inspired by a number of the Team JMC members I thought I would have a go at 24hr solo racing. So far I have done three Strathpuffers and two Mountain Mayhems; a couple of which I have done on a fat bike. To me it doesn’t matter what you do just getting out and enjoying yourself is what it’s all about. Becoming a team member will enable me to pick up a few tips from some of my teammates.
Chris Rudd
I’m a husband and father from Guisborough, North Yorkshire. I took up an interest in mountain biking 7 years ago, after purchasing my first bike since my teenage years. I quickly ventured onto the natural trails of Guisborough and I was quickly hooked. I owe a lot to my local club MTB Guisborough, as they provided valuable coaching in my early riding years, who I still support through MTB Leading. I started entering off-Road marathon length events in my local area, my first being to raise money for charity. This quickly progressed to 10-12hr endurance, riding events such as 10 under the Ben and the Kielder 12hr races. However, in mid 2017 myself and two friends decided to enter Strathpuffer 24hr Solo, and by the time the legendary snow bound 2018 race was over I was hooked on the 24hr format. I can remember getting massive support from Team JMC every lap at Strathpuffer even though I was just some random guy, and they really seemed a fun team to be around. A few more 24hr events later and I was getting to know more of the team, and after a gruelling self supported Chiller 24, I couldn’t resist anymore. I’m really looking forward to being part of Team JMC.
Lisa Scott
Moving from the flat lands of Norfolk to the hilly and rocky region of Dumfries and Galloway in Scotland was a huge biking culture shock. Strangely this ignited my love of the simple things in life. Single Speed. From road to dirt I try and avoid those pesky little things called gears even when I am trying to pedal for 24hrs ( it gives me an excuse for pushing up the short & sharp hills) I have started to enter endurance events to challenge myself and to keep fit.
Richie Scott
Growing up in the hot bed of Scottish rugby union (the Scottish Borders) I have always paired my spare time in catching an egg with riding my bikes. From my young days as a BMX Racer and rugby player to when I retired from getting my head stood on I have always had a passion for two wheels be it gravel, road, mud or kitty litter trails.

Spoilt with an area that boasts the Tweed Valley, the 7 Stanes set up and a abundant network of local trails in the Scottish Borders and Dumfries and Galloway I continue my quest in “having a go” at Endurance Racing be it 4 or 24 hrs.
Rich & Tom Seipp
Rich and Tom are endurance bike riders. Though Tom is only 13 he has managed in the last few years, along with his Dad, to put in a good few miles on his bike. Not many kids of his age can say that they’ve competed in a 24 hour Mountain Bike race, and the 2017 Strathpuffer will be his 3rd as a soloist! They also enjoy bikepacking, and in 2016 rode over 2000 miles round France.
Jacqui Simcock
I started with being a cross-country runner, then moved onto triathlons and then marathons but always cycling in the background for enjoyment. Now I concentrate my efforts almost totally on the great fun of mountain biking. The last few years have been more directed on mountain bike enduro events and in the last year I am starting to see some results.
Phil Simcock
I’ve been mountain biking now for nearly 20 years but it wasn’t until meeting Team JMC members, Jason Miles and Andrew Burgess, that I started to compete in races. It started with a local long distance race ‘for a laugh’ but quickly gathered pace. More races were raced, training increased and then somehow I find myself competing in 24 hour endurance races as a soloist. At the end of the day, whether racing, training or just going out for a ride with your mates, you’ve always got to remember – it’s all doable!
Simon Smith
I currently sponsor James Whittaker (Ticker) through my business Smiths Garden Maintenance Services. We’ve been mates for over 20 years and I’m really proud of everything he’s a achieved so far and know there’s much more to come! I’ve supported him at Mountain Mayhem 24 and the Kielder Chiller 24 as pit crew, where it was great to meet and get to know many of the team! I’m also an avid cyclist myself, mostly mountain bike, it’s been an interest of mine for many years.
Mike Sudder
Having joined JMC in 2011 I quickly got the “Team JMC” bug and bought myself my 1st bike in over 30 years. My background and first sporting passion is football, having played, coached and refereed for many years.

Rob Turner
I was an amateur boxer for years as a youngster and started mountain biking after an injury stopped me boxing. I’ve been biking for about 2 years now and I love getting out and meeting new people and talking to the Team JMC people at Northern Grip gave me the confidence to join the team. I’m looking forward to getting out and involved.
Jo Stevens
Hi I’m Jo, a runner, cyclist and triathlon doer. I’m one of those people who loves a challenge – I’m not the kind of athlete who will win a race – a young family and a penchant for beer has put paid to that – but I love the chance to pit myself against a tough route, a big climb or a hard triathlon. I’ve done a few things in my time.
Jimmy Thompson
Having bought my first road bike in 2010, I spent 4 years riding solo around my home turf, the Fylde Coast (where the wind is our hills!!). I joined the local cycling club in 2014 and haven’t looked back, with regular group riding on weekday evenings and weekends mainly out to the Ribble Valley and Trough of Bowland (and back into that lovely westerly). Commuting to work in Preston on the bike, when I can, also helps keep some regular miles in the legs.

I have also taken part in local running events including Preston, Blackburn and Blackpool 10k and Blackpool Half Marathon, although the future is likely to be more bike focused as a lifetime of playing football has left me with dodgy ankles and achilles.

Andy Watson
After having done no exercise for quite a few years I bought a mountain bike about 12 years ago, I’ve not looked back since. Loving the fun of mountain biking, getting out on the bike became a bit of an addiction. Endurance events are a fantastic challenge, there’s always a smile on my face when flying down hills or having the bike slide from underneath me in the mud.
Jock Watson
I was an old BMXer looking for an excuse to get out and get dirty again, so around 15 years ago I got into mountain bikes and instantly felt like a big kid again. I started just riding my bike around Glentress, Innerleithen and the Scottish borders where I met fellow Team JMC members Richie Scott and his wife Lisa. I now enjoy racing at anything from 4hr to 24hr MTB events but must admit I’m more of a pairs racer as I enjoy a wee sit down between flat out laps.
Alex Watts
I started riding around the Malvern Hills where I grew up and had a bash at a few races in the late 80s and early 90s, where brakes were notional and the Classic was the race to set your calendar by. This was before a 20 year research mission into beer, ciggies and late nights (not exactly squandered time). I picked up racing again in 2010 and things have snowballed a little since then. It started with a couple of XC races and now has moved onto 24 hour solo racing and bike packing. Living in the well known mountainous region of East Anglia and working shifts, training can be a little difficult and I’m often on my bike at funny hours of the day. It’s fair to say I really love riding my bike and have met some incredible people over the recent years through cycling. I met Budge and some of the Team JMC people a few years ago and they have always been a friendly presence in the pits, (not to mention some rather quick riders), I certainly don’t plan on stopping riding anytime soon and I’m proud to be pulling on a JMC jersey.
Sally Watts
I’m a former horse rider turned mountain biker. I only really got the bug for biking in 2016. I was studying, then lost my horse and needed a way to stay sane. Everyone in the house was going mad with me glued in front of the computer. I’ve always been an outside kinda gal and I was experiencing cabin fever in a big way! My husband Alex (another JMCer) encouraged me to take breaks and come out for rides, so I hopped on his old 26er and headed out for short loops. Before I knew it the loops were getting longer and I was contemplating competing. I entered my first MTB race that autumn and fluked a win in the rookie category. Things escalated when I got a shiny new bike bought for me and I now find myself in the position of robbing Alex of all his spares to fuel my racing days out
Ian Wells
Originally from a small town, in the West Midlands, called Stourbridge to now being an ‘adopted Northerner’ well and truly settled in Rammy. I moved here with my wife (who is a Northerner) and pretty much started Rammy MTBers straight away to meet like minded people, enjoy the amazing rides we have on our doorstep and make new friends. From a seed of an idea to start the group to now having 70+ members with regular weekly local rides, trail centre days out, weekends away, drunken socials and even 2 Majorca MTB holidays under our belts! It was out of this group that one of the first ever members, Tom W, came up with the Northern Grip idea and Tom and myself thrashed out the idea on a ride one summers evening back in 2015 over the moors.
Brian Weatherington
I started mountain biking in 2003 and after having an argument with a tree in Scotland I took a few years off from biking. I dallied with triathlons for a few years and running and came back to road cycling about 5 years ago and mountain biking last year.
James Whittaker
Hi I’m Ticker, born and bred in Accrington where I live with my wife and four children. I’m a toolmaker in Blackburn where I’ve worked in industrial and now in the pharmaceutical division. From a young age I’ve always been involved in all sports and particularly bikes! BMX ruled until I got an MTB in my teens. I also took up Muay Thai-boxing and had a good 12 years of competing. In 2013 I bought myself an MTB again to start riding to work on, which quickly escalated to entering my local endurance event the Mary Towneley Loop, which I’ve done every year so far and intend to continue doing along with other endurance events.
Dewi Williams
My name is Dewi Williams from a small village Groeslon near Caernarfon. I started riding bikes in May 2014 and find it very addictive. I mostly ride a mountain bike and have done a few of the Scott Mountain Bike Marathons as well as the Dyfi events like the Dyfi Enduro. Back in January 2016 I did the Strathpuffer 24-hour as a pair and finished 14th overall. Was really pleased with this result as I had a rear derailleur snapped clean off on the first lap and we had to use one bike between us for 23 and a half hours! I also regularly get up at 5.00am to ride my Cotic single speed 40k to work!
Jamie Willets
Having ridden bikes for years I was ‘challenged’ in the pub one night to try racing and a 24 hour solo MTB race was selected. That was Bontrager Twentyfour12 in 2010 and having quit exhausted after 17 hours I had caught the bug of endurance racing and haven’t stopped since then – I am mid-pack and proud!

Time trialing has become a mid week staple and more time efficient form of racing whilst juggling bikes, work and family life. Its also a great excuse to buy more bikes and kit.
Pete Wilson
Having been brought up in a small village between the Lakes and Yorkshire Dales, I can be regularly found in the mountains, either skiing in the winter or walking/running/climbing in the summer. In 2013 I organised and completed a ’33 peaks in 24 hours’ charity event that proved to be a life changing experience. I lost loads of weight and got fit and now participate in Mountain Marathon events throughout the year. I’ve also completed my Summer Mountain Leader qualification so am officially able to guide groups in the mountains, something I’ve been doing for many years.
Andrew Williamson
Growing up on the Isle of Man I have ridden mountain bikes since I can remember. Years later, having studied and settled in the Manchester area, I started to rekindle my love of exercise and biking. Firstly this was through running, taking part in the Great North Run on several occasions and also the Snowdonia Marathon. From commuting to and from work on a road bike I finally got back on a mountain bike. Recently I have competed in the Manx End2End, the Clennell Colossus and the Kielder 101. I am looking forward to being part of the team and competing in more events in the future.
Jason Woodhouse
I threw myself in at the deep end of cycling, riding a third of the way around the world solo and unsupported as part of the 2012 World Cycle Race. Since then I’ve dabbled in road club riding and a ton of XC mountain bike challenge rides but I always go back to bikepacking adventures. I’ve taken part in the Transcontinental Race and Route 66 Bike Race as well as having been been a finisher on the Trans Am Bike Race, TransAtlantic Way Race and Italy Divide.