A slow and painful death by one cog was the book of interest at the weekend. A slow and torrid affair featuring a tear jerking romance with one man and his bike and the idealism that gears are crap!

The story goes a little like this. Once upon a time in a land far, far away there was the dark, brooding kingdom of Kielder. A barren and desolate land where only the cruel and twisted forged their dreams. In the centre of this wet, cold, windy tree lined hell was the castle of High Fell. This is where the evil genius wizard Barry “the bone grinder” Kemp plied and concocted his evil magic. His spells over his cauldron of hurt made the hills grow and the ground to spew rocks.

The story is concentrated on this middle aged man and his trusty one cog bike fighting against the land and tracks that the evil wizard had constructed. I got three quarters of the way through and nodded off. I eventually managed to finish it but struggled to completely understand the final chapter. Still I loved the whole concept of the ‘one-gear no-idea’ ideology that was flowing throughout. I might see if there is a sequel to this as it had a section in the back of the book where I could draw with my crayons.

So yes I was racing in the singlespeed category and after 22hrs of racing, 17 laps, and 180km of rocky, off-road terrain and nearly 5000 metres of climbing I had secured the singlespeed category win. I could have squeezed in more laps but I really wanted a coffee and a bacon roll!!

A tough but cracking 22hrs in the saddle and I will be back to defend my title but with an easier gear ratio.