Hi I’m Jason Woodhouse. I threw myself in at the deep end of cycling, riding a third of the way around the world solo and unsupported as part of the 2012 World Cycle Race. Since then I’ve dabbled in road club riding and a ton of XC mountain bike challenge rides but I always go back to bikepacking adventures. I’ve taken part in the Transcontinental Race and Route 66 Bike Race as well as having been been a finisher on the Trans Am Bike Race, TransAtlantic Way Race and Italy Divide.

I’m a big fan of endurance challenges and keen to crack my solo 24 hour MTB cherry properly after a few stumbles and tumbles at the Strathpuffer 24hr and Kielder Chiller 24hr races.

All my bikes are setup pretty weirdly and wonderfully so if anyone has any “out there” rides please point me in that direction, mixed terrain riding and multi-day riding are my favourites and I’m completely fuelled by Solero ice creams and a fanboy of rigid mountain bikes.

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