A crack squadron* of Team JMC cross-country mountain bike racers arrived at a sun-drenched Leverhulme Park in Bolton on Wednesday night for the first in the Manchester-based ‘Midweek Madness’ series of races. A few days of dry weather produced a course that was fast and dry and massively enjoyable. Even when everyone’s heart rate started to approach the red line, it was still a barrel of fun.

*Just kidding. It was Daz, Andy, Trev, Budge and Jase really.

Massive thanks to Bolton Hotwheels for organising the race – we can’t recommend this series enough. If you’re up for a bit of racing, you’ve got 12 quid spare and you can make it there on time after work, do it!

Details of all this year’s races are here – http://midweekmtbmadness.co.uk/

Chris Lever from Cooksons Cycles won, while our dynamic quintet were…ermm…a few places behind him.

What our lads had to say:

Lovely evening pootle around the park! Two front wheel loose moments and one over the bars moment because of a dog. Top night.” – Andy

2 ambitions. Only get lapped once and no gormless look on the race photo. 50% success. Happy.” – Budge

Photo courtesy of Chris Meads Photography

Two laps of lung wheezing, leg screaming, what the hell am I doing panic, followed by f*** this I’m stopping.” – Daz

A leveller, being schooled by teenage girls, it hurt, I was f***ed, I didn’t stop, onwards and upwards, now inspired!” – Trev

Photo courtesy of Simon Barnes

Most enjoyable race I’ve done in ages, and I was pants!” – Jase.