Hi, I’m Si. Having spent the majority of my 20’s not doing much exercise at all, MTB became a big factor and motivation for me to get moving again. I spent about 2 years getting to grips with the sport and gaining fitness at the same time. Then approximately 18 months ago (June 2016), a friend of mine was doing a running challenge of 100 individual runs to the top of Brownwardle Hill in Whitworth, and was asking people to join him, for support and fundraising. I bit the bullet… And couldn’t walk for the next 3 days! I decided to keep up with his Saturday morning outing, throwing in a few commute runs, and just gradually built up fitness, and a love again for running. From my love of MTB, I generally kept to fell running, and in April 2017 completed my first ever marathon. Also over fells with an elevation gain of 3600ft! A bit of injury and a career change in July 2017 had me lose a lot of the fitness I’d gained, and I lost the routine on running regularly.

Which brings me to my challenge for 2018. As of New Year’s day, I have committed to running 3650km before 31st December 2018, which is an average of 10k per day. This is the equivalent of running from Manchester to Beirut! I am raising funds for a charity that is very close to me via a JustGiving page, but I’m also collecting funds from people that join me for a run. This is very much inspired from the say I got myself back involved. If I can motivate even a couple of people to get active, as well as raise much needed funds for charity, then I am doing something good right?!   You can keep track of my progress on my challenge Facebook page.

At Team JMC we are happy to welcome new team members and everyone can join no matter what level of ability. Our motto is “Talent Optional, Enthusiasm Essential”. We keep it simple with no fees or forms. Want to learn more? Drop us a line. We would love to hear from you.