Sally Burgess, Jacqui Simcock, Debbie Miles and Jo Stevens undertook the first ever Bury Women on Wheels Night Ride on the Saturday 18th March.

Organised by Bury Clarion Cycling Club, with proceeds going to the Bury Hospice Charity, the ride was a total route of 60 miles consisting of 2 loops in and around Bury and the surrounding areas – setting at 9pm from downtown Bury.

The earlier weather forecast had indicated it was going to be a bit grim, as it turned out the rain held off for most of the ride. The roads, obviously, were a lot quieter at night and apart from some taxi drivers thinking they were in Wacky Races and the odd crater sized pothole, they all got round without any mishaps.

In the early hours of the morning they reported hearing an incredulous shout from a group of youths “it’s you lot again!” and then “f*****g go on!” The little potty-mouths, must have been way past their bedtime.

The event was well organised and a lot of effort had been put in by the organisers. The checkpoints were stocked with drinks, cakes and bananas, the homemade flap jack was especially nice!  All in all it was a pleasant ride with lots of chat and they didn’t get lost!