Say hello to two of our long standing members Rich and Tom Seipp!

Rich and Tom are endurance bike riders. Though Tom is only 11 he has managed in the last few years, along with his Dad, to put in a good few miles on his bike. Not many kids of his age can say that they’ve competed in a 24 hour Mountain Bike race, and the 2017 Strathpuffer will be his 3rd as a soloist!

They also enjoy bikepacking, and this summer rode over 2000 miles round France, which should be good training for their Tour Divide trip next year.


Rich has moved up an age category this year, and we hear that he’s hoping to make a return to solo 24 hour racing at Relentless. Tom won’t be resting up though, he will take charge of his Dad’s pit crew duties.

Learn more about their adventures here.