Say hello to our latest team member Adam Rowlinson aka Binners:

Hi I’m Adam Rowlinson also known as Binners, living proof that you don’t have to be particularly quick to be a member of Team JMC, I hold the unique distinction of having both won, and finished last, at Hit the North at the same event. A proud achievement!

I started riding as a kid. I used to do a lot of road cycling, touring the Youth Hostels of the Lakes and North Wales. I also used to race BMX. Badly.

Then like most people I discovered beer, pies, motorbikes, more beer, more pies… you get the picture.

So…. noticing that I was looking far too ‘contented’, I bought myself a mountain bike. Then I discovered night riding. And that was what really rekindled my love affair with bikes. I’ve never looked back. Well… I never need too. There’s never anyone behind me. I just love being out and about on two wheels, in the hills and exploring new trails. I’ve even been messing about on BMX’s again. Strongly recommended.

As well as riding, I also seem to have carved out a bit of a niche documenting the Monday Night Pub Rides through weekly illustrations, and drawing bike-related stuff generally. Somewhat bizarrely, this has now led to a change of career. Bikes? You’ve got to love ‘em!

We are always happy to welcome new team members and everyone is welcome no matter what level of ability. Our motto is “Talent Optional, Enthusiasm Essential”. We keep it simple with no fees or forms. All we ask is you wear some of our team clothing to show your colours. In return we can offer support, advice and, coming soon, our very own events.

Want to know more? Visit our website or drop us a line. We would love to hear from you.