Say hello to one of our long established team members Angela Osman!  Angela has been an integral part of our endurance mountain biking racing events for many years and is officially the world’s most awesome Pit Manager and most organised person.  Keeping our riders informed of their times and positions, making sure they have the right food and drink at the right times, as well as offering some ‘blunt’ encouragement when they start feeling sorry for themselves and want a rest.  Angela is also a mean athlete herself with a number of open water swim and Aquacycle victories under her belt.

Angela: “It was whilst supporting my other half, Dave Powell (TwinklyDave), at winter 24h MTB races (which nobody else wanted to do back then!) that I initially met some of the Team JMC crew. Obviously recognising the potential of my fastidious – no sleep – timing system(!), I was soon welcomed into the fold and, whiteboard in hand, became “unofficial” Pit Manager. After a particularly successful Strathpuffer back in 2011 I was inspired to challenge myself. As an ex-club swimmer, a return to my childhood sport seemed the obvious choice but thoughts of the pool did not enthuse me and so I turned to open water. Concentrating mainly on smaller, friendlier, sportive-type events I’ve had a surprising amount of success. The natural progression to triathlon thwarted by dodgy knees, I’ve recently discovered Aquacycles which also enable me to put into action the road riding ability I’ve developed whilst struggling to keep up with Dave for years!”