A few more TT’s – Legs and body are starting to work together – 3 PBs in 3 weeks

Warrington Road Club – 50 mile TT – 2:05:42 (PB) – 38th

Having set a PB the week before and feeling like I had done well, I wanted to push on and try and improve my time again. Running on the same course J4/16 I went out harder over the first lap and set a good pace – this combined with a head wind up one particular section of the course lead to my legs rebelling and having a dull patch between 32-35 miles. A Torq gel, big drink and a couple of man-up pills I decided on a power output which was low, but attainable and held the best aero position I could. The legs came back a bit and I held on – I pushed on hoping to be able to hit a 2:05 or 24mph average but the damage had been done. This knocked nearly 2 mins off my PB!

Congleton CC – 10 mile TT – 23:07 (PB) – 7th

3 days after the 50 and on a windy evening – I was a little worried about my wheel choice. Luckily the wind turned out to be almost a dead tailwind out and headwind back up the hill home. I took it easy on the way out knowing that the return was going to be horrid and was. I was not expecting anything as it had felt so slow on the return but had managed to take 20 second off my PB.

Stretford Wheelers – 25 mile TT – 1:00:15 – 33rd

A warm afternoon and I was feeling like it should all be good for another fast ride. I had 3 attempts at hitting one of my season goals a sub 1hr 25 in 7 days but was optimistic as conditions were looking best for this race.

The J2/9 course uses the same loop as the J4/16 so I knew the roads well. Starting fast, I was holding just over 26mph until I got caught behind 3 tractors heading a huge cue of traffic – as much I wanted a fast time a dodgy overtake around blind bends just isn’t my style. I sat in and overtook cars when safe but spent about 2 miles doing between 10-15 mph. When I got my head back in the game a few miles later I did the maths about a possible hit of the hour mark- it would mean a 22:30 final ten miles. I knew about a mile before the line I wasn’t going to make it. Distinctly annoyed summed up my mood.

Macclesfield Wheelers – 25 mile TT – Race cancelled

A warm but grey evening turned into a complete dud. Starting at number 37 I knew the light would be an enemy with a tinted visor (all the more motivation to finish quickly!!). I had a friend and TT mentor starting 1 minute behind who is often quicker by 2-3 mins so nailed out the first 4 miles. At this point a line of earlier starters started to come the other way, all suggesting to slow and turn round.

If nothing else some 2 up practice on the way back was fun.

Turns out the council had decided to close the road for line painting…. Attempt 2 of 3 scuppered.

Janus Road Club – 25 mile TT – 57:17 (PB)– 11th place

Final attempt at a 25 prior to holidays and training for a slightly different event. Arriving at HQ I was feeling a bit flat and all eyes were on the weather. A quick scan of the BBC weather app showed black clouds but no rain predicted until 4pm, so with a 2.30 start I should be safe……..

Having warmed up and arrived at the start, I was chatting to my minute man when a marshal drove up to the starters to warn them it was already raining hard on the other side of the loop.

I went out hard – and within 4 miles the rain was coming down, the further I went round the course the bigger puddles. Torrential would be the best way to describe the rain – and a visor in a minimally vented helmet was a recipe for next to no visibility. Having to clear the visor every half mile and riding down the middle of the carriage way to miss the huge puddles I felt time slipping away and got a bad feeling about missing the time again. I kept my head down and the power on trying to hold power and position as best as possible, but could feel the sheer volume of water on the road slowing me down. There were a few fun moments of 2 wheel drift as well.

Final 2 miles I left everything on the road – and nearly over the bike as well. I held an average HR of 193 for this section peaking at 196 over the line. When I eventually gained enough mental composition to stop my Garmin it showed a long 57 and I was chuffed!! Soaked, cold but chuffed. 26mph+ average and final 10 miles done in 22:30, I can’t wait to get back to the TT bike in a few weeks.