Since completing Ironman 70.3 Austria last August I’ve been plagued with injuries. First I pulled my back out so no running for 2 months,then the usual Achilles injury flared up over Xmas and then 5 weeks ago I broke my metatarsal whilst running. When I manage to start running again I’m going to have one last shot and I’m going to see an expert podiatrist to see if he can sort the amount of injuries I’m having. Maybe he’ll give me a caliper to run in, I don’t know.

I’ve still been able to do a bit of swimming and cycling though just trying to keep fitness up. The Midlands MTB XC series first round was being held at Sherwood Pines a few miles from my front door, so as the foot was feeling slightly better on the morning of the race I thought I’d have a crack at it. My plan was to set off at the back and try to push on later in the race , basically getting in a good training session.

image lee 1

The gun went and everyone raced to the first corner, It was a flattish course but it doesn’t give you any time to recover and, although it was a lovely Spring sunny day, the course was really claggy and sticky between the tree sections.  Pleasingly this is where I felt I made most of my time up, the long straights along the sandy fire roads we’re just like doing a time trial so as you headed back into the trees there was no let up in effort as you we’re back into the mud again. I had a real good race with a few guys and managed to get myself up to 5th over the finish line.

I really enjoyed it so hopefully I can do a few more races over the year.

My first big planned race for the 2016 was a 70.3 Ironman race in Fuerteventura in April, but I’ve had to cancel the race due to the foot injury. I’m hoping to be back running for then so I’ll use the week for some good training and family time over there.

In June I’m racing the Cotswold middle distance triathlon. I’ve never done this before but I’ve heard it’s a great organised event.

All this year’s training is aimed at August and September when I’ll be heading back to Austria for the Ironman 70.3 race again, which was superb last year.  Then I’m going to have a crack at Ironman Weymouth! My first full distance race. I can honestly say I’m not bothered if I finish in 12, 14 or even 17 hours. I just want to finish. I know the body’s got to be right but more than anything the heads got to be right!

So basically as long as my old twisted, knackered body holds out I’ve got another busy year ahead.