A classic feature on the Team JMC list of daft (in a tough way) races is the night-time Mr Sparkle’s Dark ‘Un fell race organised by Darwen Dashers. A challenging course of around 5 miles with 900 feet of climbing, made all the harder by being a night race and one normally held in frisky weather conditions.  This year’s event was no different with a mix of strong gusting winds and rain adding to the challenge of crossing the epic boggy section at the top of the course.

Budge commented “I do love this race. Tough course that has a bit of everything. Tough weather which this year blew you up the big climb but stopped you in your tracks at one point.  And the added bonus of it being all at night.  My race went as well as I could have hoped and I managed to just about to stay upright, finishing in 45 mins and 22nd place.  Chip butty and a pint was the perfect post-race recovery”.

Sally commented “Only my 2nd ever fell race and my first at night proved as tough as I thought it would be. The conditions weren’t great but that added to the fun. However my biggest concern was running most of it with no-one in sight ahead or behind.  The course was though really well sign-posted and marshaled (by the most enthusiastic and cheerful people you could hope to meet on a miserable Friday night in the hills above Darwen) and I managed to stay on track.  And I didn’t come last!”


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