We sent a posse of burly northern lads (even further) north for the Kielder Run Bike Run last weekend. Here’s how they did….


The date was Saturday 3rd October, the time was 13:00, the place was Kielder Water, Northumberland and Team JMC members (Neil Heppenstall, Paul Bowie and Martin MacDonald) stood on the start line of the Kielder Run Bike Run, a 26 mile route split between a 7 mile run, a 16 mile bike ride and a final 3 mile run around the wonderfully scenic Kielder Water

We found ourselves stood several rows from the front and soon realised that this was not the place to be as a number of participants sprinted past, like Usain Bolt, on the opening straight however we soon found our running legs and moved slowly further back down the pack and settled into a slowly steady pace and got to the first transition in 1hr 5mins.

With a quick change of clothes, which I can only describe as feeling like a supermodel changing clothes on fashion runway or possibly not at 3 mins, into the relevant biking gear we were on our way in which was probably our strongest part of the event, the bike. We rode our way through the field like the Team Sky train would on the Tour de France, passing a number of participants that had previously run past us like Billy Whizz on the first run leg, forgetting about any pain that had built up as the route looked over the wonderful and tranquil scenery of Kielder Water and we were soon at the second transition after another 1hr 15mins.

With another change-over and fuel of 4 mins we started what I can only describe as the most horrible run I’ve ever had the pleasure of doing!  But with my team mates at my side we edged, slowly but surely (don’t call me Shirley!), towards the finish line, even passing a few more participants that had passed us earlier in the day!


As we ran, sorry jogged, through the woods and snaked our way towards to the finish, counting down the metres 800, 400 then 200 then the home straight, with all the remaining support and cheering, you can’t help but put in a final burst towards the finish line, placing in 97th in a total time of 3hrs 8mins 51secs not bad for a first attempt. Paul got the same time, 3hrs 8mins 51secs beating previous years attempts and Martin left us for dust on the start line and finished in the top 50 with a respectable 2hrs 41mins 40secs. Roll on next year!