Andy Baron’s another of Team JMC’s runners and recorded a very impressive time at the Longleat half marathon last weekend….

Another attempt at beating my Half Marathon PB took me all the way to Wiltshire to attempt the Longleat Half Marathon.

A challenging course set in the grounds of Longleat House and Safari Park organised by British Heart Foundation it was a mainly charity event.
I was aiming for 1:25 and set off well but ran quite slow between mile 7 and 10 on the most undulating part of the course, I came in at 1:28:43 – rather surprisingly in 9th place.

It was very hilly (I didn’t think they existed south of Buxton) and I don’t think I could have run any faster, but to use project management speak sub 1:30 is “within tolerance”.
Whilst there will be no Half Marathon PB for me this year I am hoping my last two ‘halfs’ at a steady sub 7 minute mile pace can translate well to a slower, longer 3:15 marathon at Manchester in April.

Before that and a bit closer to home I am having a go at the Salford Harriers 10k road race just around the corner from the JMC office on Good Friday. Wish me luck!