Give me a HOO-RAH, “HOO-RAH!!!”

Give me a HELL YEAH, “HELL YEAH!!!”

These are just two of the things you need to master to complete a Tough Mudder course, along with the 12 mile military themed assault course and this is exactly what the quartet of JMC’ers Dan Robinson, Neil Heppenstall, Paul Bowie and Steve Green decided would be a good Sunday morning activity!


It all started so well with a gentle jog to the first set of obstacles “Blades of Glory” followed shortly by “Artic Enema” which can only be described as bloody freezing (a skip full of nice cold water topped up with thousands of bags of ice cubes!) and we hadn’t even run 2 miles yet!!!

All before the final obstacle plenty of team work was needed to get through, well if you can call laughing at one other as we either fell off in the muddy water, getting covered head to toe in mud or getting a nice electric shock crawling through the water team work then we were a great team!!!


The final obstacle is one not to be taken lightly, especially after the “leisurely 12 miles” we’d already completed, Electroschock Therapy needs to be completed:


And after all that we got a well-deserved beer and our Tough Mudder headbands, to show those at the next event were no longer Tough Mudder first timers but Tough Mudder Legionnaires.