One of our bigger local events, the Manchester 10k attracts a huge number of runners every year and we’ve always got a few Team JMC’ers in there. This year’s event was a hot one but that didn’t stop our Mike finishing with a decent time…

I think it was early December when I was running along the River Mersey on a particularly wet and miserable Saturday morning, battling into the final mile home that I had the thought I imagine each and every runner has at some point in their training schedule, “why am I doing this….?”

Fast forward to Sunday May the 18th and that question was definitely answered. The sun was shining high in the sky, the streets were filled with a buzz and excitement that comes prior to a big event while uplifting music played loudly and the faint smell of deep heat filled the air. It was time for the Manchester 10k.

This was an event that I had completed in 2013 and was the reason I became the ‘casual’ runner I am. I opted to run with the ‘Orange Wave’, which meant that after the elite runners and seasoned pro’s we were the first set of runners to go. I shared pleasantries with those around me and took part in the group warm up and then it was time to go, not missing a chance to try and get my face in the papers I high fived on the starters gantry, Amir Khan, this didn’t make the papers but I was captured later on…..

Having stood in the relative shade of Portland Street for 30 minutes it quickly became apparent just how hot the day was already at 10.40 as I made my way past the first 1k onto Chester Road. As I pounded down towards Old Trafford with the crowds now filtering nicely I found my stride and got going. The next few K were all about focusing as it became hotter and hotter but the welcome relief of water bottles and soon after a run through shower cooled me for the final 3k.

Gee’ed on by steel bands, lively spectators and being passed by someone in a full Batman costume I hit the final straight towards the Beetham tower and the shade of the City Centre. I crossed the line on 57.19 seconds, which was a few minutes over where I had hoped to finish but given the conditions I was relatively happy with sub one hour.

To finish where I started, “Why do this”, because I don’t think the sense of achievement you get whether you are a professional, amateur or in-between and the mix of emotions you feel and receive upon completing a challenge that at some stage or point in time seemed so very far away can be beaten….

I am now on to my next challenge which is the Great North Run and will try and do Team JMC proud again…