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After spending most of my youth playing on and racing BMX’s, and after a short period of well being a teenager I needed something to feed my soul.

Mountain bikes, that’s the answer!! I threw all my money into the best bike I could afford and spare time to exploring my local area, every chance I got I would pop on my bike to the local trails (Cuerden Valley) smashing out a massive 6 miles, that felt like a long way back then!!

I met Dave Powell when a good friend at work invited me on a bike ride around Rivington, me in jeans and a baseball cap! I had a lot to learn and I am so glad I met the right people to teach me.

We started going to local races as a social riding event once a month, then Dave seemed to get the bit between his teeth and started doing silly races.

I had just passed my Cytech 2 qualification and Dave asked if I would be his Mechanic/pit helper for Mountain Mayhem.

I could not refuse as it was pretty much a dream come true for me and I have never looked back.

We have both made a few good friends along the way with Team JMC being one of them. I have somehow by either my pit skills or by pure chance been accepted in to the Team JMC pack and have become the Team JMC it race mechanic, winning races and friends everywhere we go/race.

It’s not all work though, they also try to destroy me every now and again when we all play out on our bikes together, I complain and moan the whole ride but inside I’m smiling ear to ear.

I’m a lucky man.