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After leading a less than active lifestyle for many years apart from the odd gym visit, I became involved in the occasional running event and had a natural desire to improve my fitness. A mate asked if I’d be interested in trying a sprint Triathlon so with some running behind me decided to borrow a bike and some arm bands then give it a go. After teaching myself to swim ‘properly’ I crossed my first Triathlon finish line and was instantly hooked. That was 8 years ago and since then I have raced all over the UK, swimming across lakes, cycling over mountains and running through cities. In 2012 I progressed to the Triathlon holy grail and competed in Ironman UK for the charity Medequip4kids. Having survived through to the finish line, I’m now looking forward to my next challenge and also to seeing my 3 year old son in Ironkids 2014, getting an early start on his athletic career.