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As a youngster I was always on a bike, whether it be BMXing on my paper round or long road trips into the deepest and darkest corners of northwest England. My first love was football but a severe injury ended any ridiculous ambitions or pipe dreams. I tried running, but that got the better of me. So after my second knee operation in 2010 I decided to take up road cycling instead to compliment years and years of mountain biking.

Then a mate persuaded me to do the Strathpuffer. I was relieved to get that monkey off my back. Another mate told me I should be road racing competitively, so I found something physically and mentally challenging that would take me out of my comfort zone – time trialing.

And I just haven’t looked back. Cycling is simply too addictive, sociable and enjoyable. I’m now having a crack at Cyclocross. Well, why not?

My bottom line is very simple; I’m just looking for any excuse to get on a bike. Sometimes it’s competitive, often I’m training hard, but it’s always fun. There is little to lose, but so much to gain (weight being the obvious exception).

That’s me, but more importantly, what about you? What’s your next challenge?

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