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Bicycles were just way of getting about for me as a kid, a way of getting to whatever adventure was planned, rather than a part of it. Then, 18 years ago, I was invited out for a “ride” with some friends who were into the mountain bike scene. I took them up on the offer and never looked back. I was, by the end of that one day’s ride, a fully fledged mountain bike rider!

The racing scene back then was as much an excuse for a weekend away with my mates as it was a chance to see how good I was in comparison to the other riders. Events were judged a success by how much of a laugh we’d had. Over the years I got more serious about results, started training and planning things a bit more but each event I go to still, deep down, feels like those first races. Turn up, meet up with friends, have a laugh and maybe see if I can leave with a trophy or two after beating all the fast boys!

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