“Hi I’m Karen Price. I got a mountain bike instead of an engagement ring – my husband got one too. That’s love for you. But we haven’t looked back.

We have two kids and as a family we all ride and race for fun all year – XC, endurance, beach racing, gravel dashing, Brass Monkeys. We do this as a family and with mates – our new Southern friends and our old ones from the North.

I race solo at 12/24hr events because I am too slow for anything else, but stubborn enough to keep going. The kids support me through the night – any excuse not to go to bed – toasting marshmallows on the fire and falling asleep in their camping chairs. I fell asleep on the actual course at my 1st 24hr solo attempt – Pivot 2017 – the really wet one. So some work to do there.

But no matter the weather, the distance, or the occasion I ride my bike to have fun with my family and friends.”