“Hello my name is Alex Watts, I started riding around the Malvern Hills where I grew up and had a bash at a few races in the late 80s and early 90s, where brakes were notional and the Classic was the race to set your calendar by. This was before a 20 year research mission into beer, ciggies and late nights (not exactly squandered time). 

I picked up racing again in 2010 and things have snowballed a little since then. It started with a couple of XC races and has now moved onto 24 hour solo racing and bike packing. Living in the well known mountainous region of East Anglia and working shifts, training can be a little difficult and I’m often on my bike at funny hours of the day. It’s fair to say I really love riding my bike and have met some incredible people over the recent years through cycling. I met Budge and some of the Team JMC people a few years ago and they have always been a friendly presence in the pits, (not to mention some rather quick riders), I certainly don’t plan on stopping riding anytime soon and I’m proud to be pulling on a JMC jersey.”

At Team JMC we are always happy to welcome new team members and everyone can join no matter what level of ability. Our motto is “Talent Optional, Enthusiasm Essential”. We keep it simple with no fees or forms. All we ask is you wear our team jersey to show your allegiance.

Want to learn more? Drop us a line. We would love to hear from you.