I only had one real aim for the weekend and that was to see if I could keep going through the night as I’ve never managed it before.  I’ve always found an excuse to stop either to help my other half or because I’m not confident enough. If I managed not to finish last then that would be a big Brucie Bonus!

Before the start there was a 30 sec round of applause to remember Charlie Craig and Mike Hall which brought a lump to everyone’s throat and made you realise just how lucky you were to be here, riding your bike in beautiful surroundings, everyone brought together for their love of two wheels.

Things I learnt during the race:

If it’s hot, drink lots before you set off and whilst pedaling. It was hot, really really hot.

If you do that and are female, don’t wear bib shorts.

Don’t beat yourself up because everyone else seems quicker, better, look like they know what they’re doing more than you.

Eat while you can.

Try not to throw up in the team gazebo.

Don’t hit your front brake going down a drop.

Don’t cry/swear in front of the kind riders who stop and scrape you back up and plonk you back on your bike.

Smile and chat to people…..most riders were lovely but there were a handful of rude ones out there. It costs nothing to smile and say thank you when I’ve got out of your way for you.

Photographers with jelly babies are Angels.

If you buy a new ( well new to me) rigid bike before the event, practice a bit more on it first – my hands and wrists gave up just before dark.

Give it a real go…..I truly surprised myself this weekend and achieved much more than I thought I could

Massive thanks to Budge and everyone at Team JMC……especially Tom’s wife Mel who kept everyone supplied with food, tea, coffee etc and kept smiling through it all.

I hope I did my Mum proud!