Well it’s that time of year again when you start to make plans and set yourself goals for the riding year ahead.

I haven’t been competing for a year or two so I thought it’s about time to set a decent target for this year to give my riding some purpose.  As I prefer longer endurance rides rather than full-on XC racing I have decided what better than having a go at the Wembo 24hr Solo Mountain Biking World Champs in Italy in June. To assist me with this I have enrolled the help, knowledge and support of Team JMC’s Jon Entwistle and he has put together a great training plan for me.  Three months into the plan and all is going well and I am really feeling the benefits.

I have also entered a few events in the run up to this. I am forming part of a mixed quads JMC team at the Kielder 24hr in February and there is always the Scott Mountain Bike Marathons, Selkirk Marathon, Mountain Mayhem 24hr and the excellent Dyfi Enduro.  I also have a mountain bike coast to coast adventure planned with a few friends.

I’m looking forward to a challenging year.