At this weekend’s Northern Grip MTB Festival we will be launching our new team image designed by local artist Adam Rowlinson.

Adam’s brief was to come up with an image that emphasised our support for a wide variety of sports and our love for our Ramsbottom basecamp.  We think he has done a great job of it with many of the sports our team members are involved in represented. And the iconic Peel Tower in the background.

Our new slogan “Talent Optional Enthusiasm Essential” embraces our attitude to everything we do.  It isn’t about being the best, but trying your best.  We are always open to new members, no matter what level of ability,  so please get in touch if you fancy joining us. Everyone is welcome.

Those coming to Northern Grip will see the image used on our banners and will have the opportunity to buy technical sports t-shirts with the image on the back for just £16.  The t-shirts will also be available from our webshop early next week.

And you can be assured of the quality following our exhaustive (ahem) testing: