Say hello to our latest member Dewi Williams:

“My name is Dewi Williams from a small village Groeslon near Caernarfon. I started riding bikes in May 2014 and find it very addictive. I mostly ride a mountain bike and have done a few of the Scott Mountain Bike Marathons as well as the Dyfi events like the Dyfi Enduro. Back in January I did the Strathpuffer 24-hour as a pair and finished 14th overall. Was really pleased with this result as I had a rear derailleur snapped clean off on the first lap and we had to use one bike between us for 23 and a half hours!

I regularly get up at 5.00am to ride my Cotic single speed 40k to work! My aim is to do more 24-hour events this year with hopefully a few solo races next year. I’m also doing a charity ride in August from Caernarfon Castle to Cardiff Castle solo on my MTB with most of the route off-road and I’m hoping to do the 220 miles in under 24 hours!

We are always looking for new team members and everyone is welcome no matter what level of ability.  Our motto is “Talent Optional, Enthusiam Essential”.  We keep it simple with no fees or forms.  All we ask is you buy a jersey to show your colours.  In return we can offer support, advice and, coming soon, our very own events.

Want to know more? Visit our website or drop us a line.  We would love to hear from you.