Originally from a small town, in the West Midlands, called Stourbridge to now being an ‘adopted Northerner’ well and truly settled in Rammy. I moved here with my wife (who is a Northerner) and pretty much started Rammy MTBers straight away to meet like minded people, enjoy the amazing rides we have on our doorstep and make new friends. From a seed of an idea to start the group to now having 70+ members with regular weekly local rides, trail centre days out, weekends away, drunken socials and even 2 Majorca MTB holidays under our belts! It was out of this group that one of the first ever members, Tom W, came up with the Northern Grip idea and Tom and myself thrashed out the idea on a ride one summers evening back in 2015 over the moors. I’m a big fan of old school lines on a MTB with the golden age for me being the old steel Kona’s, DeKerf, Yeti’s, etc back in the very early 90’s. I’ve just built my dream bike for my 40th, a custom made Enigma Ti hardtail. The ride is amazing. Other than MTB’ing, I’ve played lead guitar for over 20 years, been in and out of band and have played in excess of 200 gigs. I’m passionate about animal rights and I’m a vegetarian.