This Sunday at 8pm on Channel 4 we can watch how our very own Jason Miles and some other bloke got on trying to break the world record for how far you can pedal a tandem bike in 24 hours.


The programme will feature the attempt itself and lots of background filming of Jason and the other bloke getting themselves in the sort of shape needed.  Some of which was filmed here at Team JMC HQ.

This was always going to be a proper tough challenge but it was made even harder by the arrival of the tail-end of Hurricane Bertha!  So did they do it?  Tune in to find out.


P.S. Subtitles are available for the strong northern accents!

P.P.S. Jason is now available to open fetes, cut the ribbon at new pound shops, turn on the xmas lights at your house etc.  £20 a gig payable in cash pls. Book early as his rate will soar to £30 after the programme is aired.