Not completely put off by their last hellish escapade in their last Tough Mudder event, Paul and Neil, joined by colleague and fellow nutcase Ben Snape, decided to do another one. Wow it really looked like a lovely day out….no, really. Lovely…

Having completed our first Tough Mudder 6 weeks previously at Skipton it seemed like a good idea at the time to enter another one, so the JMC trio of Neil Heppenstall, Paul Bowie and Ben Snape did exactly that at Tough Mudder North West around the grounds of Chomondeley Castle.


Having only completed one previous course we knew the course would be tough, especially with great obstacles such as Arctic Enema (a nice big skip full of freezing water topped up with ice cubes) and Hanging Tough (think Gladiators and the hanging rings).

2And new obstacles to contend with such as Sewer Rat, Pyramid Scheme, Trench Warfare and Cage Crawl (pulling yourself through water on your back with several inches of room for air along a cage):


It wasn’t long (approx. 4 hours 30 mins) before we were nearing the end and with this being our second course we were eligible for the Legionnaires Loop, a set of obstacles for multi-mudders only including “Fire In Hole” before the final assault on Electroshock Therapy.

And afterward completing our second Tough Mudder our wonderful green headbands to show we are now official multi-mudders: