Beccy4Let me start by saying I am not, have never thought I am, nor will never claim to be a ‘Runner’…

But on the 12th July I took on my official first competitive 10km with Race for Life at Heaton Park, dodgy hips and all. I set off with the joggers at a pace somewhere between walking and running (or what I consider running). I completed my first 5km in 35 minutes, which I was very happy with as I managed to jog the whole way. It was very hot, and for those of you that don’t know, Heaton Park is very hilly!

There was only 1 water station on the course handing out cups of water at around 500m, and by 5500m I’d ran out of water in my first bottle, I combined jogging and walking for a reasonable 40 minutes for my second 5km. My overall time to finish 10.81km was 1:18:11. I was incredibly happy. This time last year I couldn’t jog 1km without stopping and that was incredibly slow. So to complete my first 10km was exhilarating.

As if that wasn’t enough I then walked another 5km with my daughter on the 13th July, 1 day later! This was slower than my 10km.

Having been touched by cancer in many ways over the years and in various relationships I always enter Race for Life. This year, however, with my dad just having the all clear after 4 years, my 10km felt extra special. Dad, this one was for you.Beccy2

I still don’t class myself as a runner and if anyone asks me if I am going running I reply with “well, jogging” and I am happy with my ‘somewhere between walking and running pace’ as I have a pregnancy related hip condition that can makes things quite uncomfortable.

All this has started after Team JMC inspired me. The people that work at JMC take on so many different challenges and compete in so many different events that I was proud to ‘race’ in my Team JMC running top, and most importantly, finish.

Thank you JMC for making the last year a life changing experience in more ways than one.

Written by Becky Payne.