Duathlons (Run-bike-run) often don’t get too much of a mention compared to the more popular triathlon, marathon and cycling races, probably due to not being an Olympic sport,  but they’re as tough a challenge as any of them. Even a relatively short event can leave its mark on you, especially when coupled with some bad wind issues, which was definitely the case at the North West Duathlon Championships in Lancaster this weekend.

I arrived in Halton and got out the car to be greeted with the wind equivalent of a slap in the face.  Since my last race a series of minor injuries/illness/injury meant had interrupted the normal training regime meaning I would probably feel very fresh, or very unfit.


After the mass sprint at the starting gun for first he 5k run I found myself at the front of the race, turned out that I was on the ‘fresh’ side of things. I finished the 5k run about 30-40 seconds ahead of 2nd place and headed out onto the bike. After a good 3 miles of climbing the course, and deep section bike wheels became increasingly exposed to the winds. As I was thrown back and forth across the road my thoughts turned away from the race and more towards getting around in once piece.

At the end of the bike leg I was joined by another racer and entered the transition together. I quick changeover saw me get out onto the run course in 1st and continue to increase my lead to take the win!