The traditional Team JMC entry into the North West Triathlon in Northwich was much larger than usual this year and we had 23 individuals of varying levels of experience taking part in both relay teams and as solo participants.

The sun eventually did shine in time for the post-race barbecue, but before that competitors had to brave typically grey and wet weather for the 500 metre swim, 20 kilometre bike, 5 kilometre run event.

In the individual triathlon, many ‘personal bests’ were beaten and Team JMC newcomer, Alex Lawton, showed his natural triathlon talent and finished in less than an hour (including an astonishing 16 minute 5k run), winning his age category and placing second overall.

In the relay event, the four Team JMC teams finished in 3rd, 6th, 16th and 21st place, completing a brilliantly enjoyable and successful day.

Jason Earnshaw, part of the 3rd-place relay team said, “The swimming is nerve racking as you stand in line waiting for your time to get in the water knowing that the guys behind you are going to be hunting you down with faster times. But once you’re in, the adrenaline kicks in and before you know it your done with a few battle scars and your lungs full of salt water. The North West Triathlon is a quality event and it’s great to see the wide range of abilities competing all with their own personal goals. My goal was simple, if I can fend off Mark Summers from overtaking me then I was on for a decent time 🙂

More thoughts of the event from Team JMC members:

“Inspiring day!  Fantastic to see so many people pushing themselves through the pain barrier and then see the smiles of satisfaction on their faces at the end.”

Andrew Burgess


“Really pleased with my time on the run considering my preparation was a fortnights’ holiday on a staple diet of fast food, beer and putting on half a stone”

Tommy Shaw


“You already know that a day that starts at 05:30 with adrenaline waiting to be pumped is going to be a good one and this one did not disappoint with less than three minutes off my previous personal best!  I did however have to look down at 10 miles to make sure my wheels were actually turning as Alex (the third Brownlee brother) passed me at what must have been the national speed limit!“

Paul Bowie


“The most important thing was the number of participants from Team JMC IT. Just great to see so many people getting involved in sport, having fun and simply enjoying the outdoors on a late summers day”

Nick Isherwood


“Great little race made better by some great support”

Alex Lawton


“I prefer wine to brine”

Lauren Steele